Analytic IP Cameras Take Security to a Whole New Level

Video surveillance has come a long way from the “dumb” analog cameras we see in most banks, schools, stores, offices and institutions. Just as residential alarm technology has progressed from simple intrusion detection to whole-house automation, so, too, has video surveillance transformed in recent years to “smart” IP-based cameras capable of analyzing, interpreting and sending messages about what they’re seeing, sensing and hearing.

These digital cameras with “brains” can operate on their own or integrated with the Sielox Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System (CLASS™), which we recommend, or, in some cases, with your existing video management solution.

Simply the Best

The JDM Group offers Samsung-developed Techwin Wisenet IP cameras, from basic to sophisticated analytic cameras that can generate alarms based on what they are seeing and hearing. We can integrate that alarm capability with the CLASS™ system to alert your administrators and, if necessary, notify first responders. For example, Techwin Wisenet X series camera analytics can accurately identify a gunshot and trigger an immediate red alert lockdown of your building or campus within the CLASS™ system without human intervention. Techwin IP analytic cameras are manufactured entirely in South Korea, originally by a unit of Samsung Techwin and now by its successor company, Hanwha Techwin, a global supplier of IP and analog video surveillance solutions.

The JDM Group has chosen this line of IP security cameras because we believe they are simply the best available – and also because we’ve never experienced a hacking issue with a Techwin camera. That is not the case with security cameras produced, in whole or in part, in China – many users have found Chinese-made security cameras just are not secure. Our Techwin Wisenet IP cameras come in many configurations, equipped with an advanced processor that offers a variety of analytic capabilities. The JDM Group offers Wisenet Q, P and X series cameras.

Cameras Developed by Samsung

For the best in video surveillance systems, The JDM Group recommends what we regard as the leading IP analytic cameras available today: security cameras from Hanwha Techwin.

Originally developed by Samsung in the late 1980s, these security cameras are manufactured totally in South Korea – with no parts or labor from China.

Toward the end of 2014, South Korea’s Hanwha Group, a Fortune Global 500 conglomerate founded in 1952, acquired a controlling stake in Samsung Techwin, Samsung’s security company. Shortly thereafter, Samsung Techwin changed its name to Hanwha Techwin.

In the security market, Hanwha Techwin IP security cameras are ideal for use in:

  • Schools, colleges and universities with a single building or a multi-building campus;
  • Retail, from department stores to convenience shops;
  • Municipal and traffic surveillance;
  • Banking, not only in public areas, but also in vaults and restricted areas; and
  • Passenger rail, to address “blind spots.”

Parent company Hanwha Group is one of South Korea’s top ten business enterprises and ranks among the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels.

High-Resolution Q Series

The Techwin Wisenet Q series is an affordable product line that offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor bullet, dome and vandal cameras with features ideal for securing small- to medium-sized applications in retail, banking, offices, transportation and more.

  • A range of lens options (fixed 2.8mm, 3.6mm and 6.0mm) with sharp, clear image quality.
  • A hallway view that captures narrow, vertically shaped areas (corridors, tunnels, aisles) without causing bandwidth and storage waste.
  • Lens distortion correction.

We typically install Techwin Wisenet Q series cameras in entrances, lobbies, parking lots, elevators, hallways, aisles and elsewhere.

180-Degree View with P Series

Mounted on a wall, a Techwin Wisenet P series camera delivers a 180-degree view of what’s happening in a school hallway, a four-way intersection, or another area where you need to see more than just the view straight ahead. With its multi-directional view, the P series camera offers a more cost-effective option than installing four Q series cameras. It’s an excellent solution for education, retail, banking, transportation and corporate facilities.

  • Improved bandwidth with WiseStream technology, Hanwha Techwin’s advanced compression technology.
  • PTZ hand-over and advanced video analytics that enable a P series camera to receive an alarm trigger from a fixed camera on the same IP video surveillance system.
    • Once notification is received, the PTZ camera will zoom into the assigned camera’s pre-set location.
    • This feature improves surveillance system efficiency by decreasing reliance on the system operator to track events, and by increasing the likelihood that critical events in a surveillance area will be captured and recorded.
  • True Wide Dynamic Range that improves images in high-contrast environments.
  • Defocus Detection.
    • If a camera goes out of focus, an alarm notifies users, allowing them to adjust camera focus.
  • Simple Focus (4K Fisheye).
    • A simple click of the icon focuses the camera.
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Advanced Analytics with X Series

If a gunshot sounds, if someone is loitering in a hall, if there are 30 people that are in a room and only 29 of them walk out, the Techwin Wisenet X series camera knows it – and reports it.

X series models support a full suite of video analytics, including loitering, directional detection, fog detection, tampering, motion detection handover, and objects entering or exiting an area. Audio analytics are included for sound classification and notification.

Open Platform for Wisenet X and P Series Cameras

The Wisenet 5 chipset contains space for open platform applications from third parties to be installed as your needs dictate. Not only does this feature unlock powerful new tools and features; it also enables you to pay only for the analytics you need, when you need them.