If Security Is a Concern for Your Facility, We Have a Solution

Situational awareness today is almost universally top-of-mind, and the need for security measures in schools, businesses, and places where people congregate has never been more pressing. As specialists in security cameras and security systems, The JDM Group offers potentially life-saving solutions to help you deal with this new and frightening paradigm.

The Sielox Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System, or CLASS™, from The JDM Group, is an intuitive security management system that equips personnel with a unique software solution that takes your crisis management capability to a whole new level.

CLASS™ dramatically improves emergency notification and real-time response, saving precious seconds – and potentially saving lives. In the face of a threatening situation, Sielox CLASS™ can instantly notify police, lock down a building, communicate with first responders, visually report status room by room – and much more.

It’s a proven solution, affordable and available now. Learn more.

Clients for CLASS™

Sielox CLASS™ security solutions are appropriate for schools, colleges and universities, as well as for businesses and office buildings with 50 or more employees, banks, corporate campuses, warehouses, manufacturing plants, records management facilities, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment venues and more. For schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Sielox CLASS™ is listed on PEPPM contracts, which simplifies your procurement process.The JDM Group tailors Sielox CLASS™ solutions for clients in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and the greater New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas.

To find out whether a CLASS™ solution will work for your facility or campus, contact us.

How CLASS™ Works

  • Designated staff “initiators” sign into the system via smartphone, tablet or computer, wireless or wired. When an incident occurs, the initiator clicks a color-coded button (as many as eight buttons can be pre-designated), which might signal a medical problem, a disturbance, a threatening situation (red button), or something else particular to your organization.
  • In an emergency, the following things happen instantly and simultaneously within the CLASS™ system:
    • Responders (police and administrators) receive text messages and emails alerting them to the crisis.
    • Most importantly, those responders’ devices with internet connections automatically open a browser displaying a color-coded floor plan that clearly identifies the room or area where the event was triggered.
    • Staff members receive messages with precise instructions about what actions to take; they then report back the situations in their locations. (A green button signals everything is OK.)
    • Responders are able to communicate with each other and with staff via the system’s chat capability.

  • When The JDM Group installs Sielox CLASS™ in your facility, we configure the software to work with your existing systems so that the following can happen automatically in an emergency:
    • A 911 call goes to police.
    • Your paging system plays pre-recorded messages telling people what is going on and what to do.
    • Strobe lights flash throughout the building or campus.
    • If appropriate, the building automatically locks down.
    • IP camera feeds from the vicinity of the event pop up on web-capable responder devices.

CLASS™ Is Customizable

Sielox CLASS™ can be installed as a stand-alone crisis management communication solution, or integrated with new or existing building infrastructure.

CLASS™ is flexible, customizable and scalable. The JDM Group will evaluate what you already have in place and tailor a CLASS™ solution to capitalize on that investment. We have the experience and expertise to integrate your CLASS™ solution with your other emergency management protocols for maximum impact when seconds count – including any or all of the following:

  • IP camera system
  • Access control system
  • Paging and telephony systems
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Motion sensors
  • Audio sensors
  • Panic buttons

If you don’t already have any existing security solutions, The JDM Group can provide and install any of the above that you feel are necessary to maximize your organization’s security.

The functions and available configurations of Sielox CLASS™ make it cost-effective with low total cost of ownership. And CLASS™ can grow with you. The JDM Group can install a basic solution now for immediate protection and augment your system with additional security systems and features as annual budget dollars permit.

Installation and Training

CLASS™ is easy to implement and use with minimal instruction.

The JDM Group will install and customize your solution to work with your existing crisis management protocols. We will set it up with usernames, passwords, email addresses, text addresses, etc., provide instructions and train your people to use it.

Use with Analytic IP Cameras

CLASS™ can disseminate live video feeds from most IP-based camera systems right out of the box, and if your cameras have an analytic capability, that capability can be used to trigger events directly within the CLASS™ system.

We offer Samsung-developed Techwin Wisenet IP analytic cameras that are capable of generating alarms based on what they are seeing and hearing. Sielox CLASS™, operating with Techwin security cameras, creates an unbeatable combination for surveillance and security.

CLASS™ Is Your Answer

CLASS™ is produced by Sielox LLC, a leading manufacturer of integrated access control, video surveillance and crisis security solutions based in Runnemede, N.J.

The JDM Group is a Sielox Business Partner with several Sielox-certified CLASS™ technicians on staff.

If security is a concern for you, contact The JDM Group. We’ll be happy to evaluate your facility, consult with you about your options, and generate a proposal for a security and surveillance system.