A Three-Step Approach to Windows Computer Health

A Managed Service Agreement is an understanding between a technology provider and a client that places all responsibility for the proper functioning of the covered systems on the provider, in exchange for a fixed fee from the client. The details of what is covered, at what price, will vary, based on a number of factors, but the basic premise is always the same: Clients know what they will pay and what they will get.

The JDM Group takes a three-step approach to the work we do to
ensure proper functioning of your covered systems:

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Maintenance):

In layman’s terms, this means our cloud-based software watches and fixes your software and hardware applications. For a more detailed explanation of RMM, we have the following description from Wikipedia: “RMM is a collection of information technology tools that are loaded to client workstations and servers. These tools gather information regarding the applications and hardware operating in the client’s location, as well as supply activity reports to the IT service provider, allowing them to resolve any issues. “RMM also provides a set of IT management tools, like automated remediation, trouble ticket tracking, remote desktop monitoring, and user support through a single console. It is the proactive, remote tracking and remediation of network and computer health. RMM helps to enhance the overall performance of present technical support staff by taking advantage of resources in a more efficient manner.”

Remote diagnosis and repair:

Our technician connects remotely to your computer and fixes the problem.

Onsite technician:

When remote repair is impossible, we send one of our staff technicians to your facility to fix the problem.

Benefits to the customer:

  • Cost-certainty at a lower price than salaried employees.
  • Our RMM application is on the job 24/7, keeping all of your devices in optimal condition and making sure that scheduled events like data backups and virus updates happen successfully.
  • We’re there when you need us most. Under a Managed Services Agreement, when your computers are down, it’s not just costing you money – it’s costing us money as well. Our business model is built on the following proposition: We have invested heavily in the technology and training with which one technician can keep hundreds of computers operating smoothly. Our cloud-based server platform is a much more efficient way of managing computer health than anything else we have seen, and our affordable pricing is based on that fact. We are confident that we can prevent many small problems that would otherwise happen, and that, from our control center, we can quickly fix most of the issues that do arise.
  • Access to expertise when needed. Computers – and more importantly, computer networks – can be really complicated. No matter what you know, there is always more to learn. Humility is the order of the day. So, while you may have staff members who handle the basics, would they know what to do if a server crashed or you experienced a ransomware attack? We have a very high level of in-house expertise and we can customize a plan that supplements your existing personnel.
  • We are going to know you and you are going to know us. We are going to make it our business to know your people and your processes. We will be approachable and respectful. We will offer guidance whenever it is asked for – or whenever we think it is in your best interests. You will come to know that we are on your side and that we are there when you need us most.

Contact us today to see how we can help with some or all of your IT management, maintenance and support.