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The JDM Group designs, sells, installs, monitors and services solutions for your computing, communication and security needs.
We help you make technology-related decisions with an eye to the future – we provide economical solutions that will work with your existing technology and deliver results over the long term.

From our home base in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, we provide end-to-end IT, telephony and security solutions, as well as managed IT services and overall IT consulting, to educational institutions, municipal governments, banks, professional offices and businesses of all sizes throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas.

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Our History

Founded in 2003, The JDM Group has survived and thrived, thanks to our obsession with customer satisfaction and our tenacious approach to problem-solving. As a young company, we made up for our limited resources by simply working harder than everybody else; our customers appreciated it then, and they appreciate it now.

We found opportunities taking on work that others could not or would not do. You can learn a lot that way – and we did. This culture of innovation is a big part of what makes us different.

Over time we have developed industry partnerships with the biggest names in technology, and our in-house certified technicians have the training and resources to get the job done right the first time.

We have been able to develop these strategic relationships because, from the beginning, we have accepted that the only constant in our business is change. We work hard to stay ahead of the innovation curve. Technologies are born, they mature, and they die. This market-driven phenomenon is beyond anyone’s control, and it is unstoppable by nature. Our job is not only to separate the winners from the losers, but also to know when the winners are safe enough for our customers.

With 15 years of experience watching the latest and greatest become yesterday’s news, we have acquired the hands-on experience and the behind-the-scenes expertise to guide our customers around the rocks of change.

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John Malanga

Born and raised in Washington, New Jersey, owner and founder John Malanga graduated from local schools and attended Virginia Military Institute. By age 30, he was vice president and IT administrator of Cherrybrook, Inc., a pet supply distributorship that catered to dog show enthusiasts. It was there that he developed not only a passion for technology, but also a lifelong appreciation of man’s best friend. Seeking to be more involved in the technology revolution that was in full swing at that point, John left Cherrybrook to seek a more tech-centric position. This led to employment with several larger organizations where he developed the necessary skills and experience to strike out on his own. John now has 30 years’ experience installing and managing computer networks, telephone systems and just about any device that you can think of. Over that time he has developed a feel for technology that you cannot get in a classroom. He combines this intuitive feel with a never-quit mindset, and he is incapable of resting until there is a resolution. Detail-oriented and laser-focused, John brings his complete being to bear in solving a technological problem. John holds multiple Avaya IP Office and Network certifications and is a Sielox-certified CLASS™ Installer.

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Michael Miller

Michael joined The JDM Group in 2010 as a technician. Since then he has moved up the ranks into consulting, and then into the management team as general manager and, since 2016, executive vice president. Michael now oversees infrastructure engineering and support for our clients in both the public and private sectors. Only in his 30s, Michael has been working in technology for almost 20 years! At the early age of 16, formally trained in information technology in high school and mentored by a successful computer engineer, he was motivated to provide technology support to multiple small businesses in Warren County. After completing high school, Michael went on to pursue an eclectic career that has included records management (hard copy and digital), operations management, sales, marketing, network engineering, and – like John, an entrepreneur – self-employment. A common theme throughout all of Michael’s pursuits has been IT, and his experience has covered a great many platforms, including Microsoft (Windows/Server), Linux, macOS, macOS Server, and iOS. In addition, Michael is an expert in Microsoft, Google, and AWS cloud-based solutions and software. Along the way, Michael has earned certifications from Microsoft, Google, Aerohive, Sielox, Avaya, and others, including specialized certifications for educational applications and HIPAA-related clients. Michael also currently serves as a township committeeman in Riverside, New Jersey.

The JDM Group’s expertly trained field technicians serve as back-up staff, handling most client IT issues remotely, but also making site visits as needed. Whatever your needs might be for managing your information technology, upgrading your telephone system, or installing a high-tech security system, The JDM Group can help.
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